DroidCon UK – day 1

A quick summary of the talks of the day.

10.05 AllJoyn
Who: Mitch Williams – Qualcomm
What: AllJoyn P2P framework
Web: www.alljoyn.org, www.alljoynappchallenge.com
Summary: An ad-hoc and proximity based p2p framework.

10.40 Device fragmentation
Who: Robin Puthli – Itude Mobile
What: Mobile device fragmentation
Web: www.itude.com
Summary: Fragmentation is an old problem. “There is no silver bullet. You have to pick and mix [from the available solutions].”

11.15 Unify VoIP / MSG Core
Who: Martyn Davis – Voxygen
What: Unify VoIP / MSG Core
Web: www.voxygen.co.uk
Summary: A paid for VoIP library written in C, using JSON messaging. Available for Android and iOS.

11.50 Polaris
Who: Cyril Mottier – Prixing
What: An introduction to Polaris
Web: www.github.com/cyrilmottier/Polaris
Summary: A (Google) maps library for Android. Adding a lot of useful features.

13.25 Gradle
Who: Lukas Jarosh – And labs ?
What: Gradle
Summary: Gradle, a less verbose Maven alternative.

14.30 OpenCV
Who: Eric – Sony
What: OpenCV library
Web: www.opencv.org
Summary: Open source Computer Vision library, containing loads of modules and image (related) algorithms.

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