Device Fragmentation by Robin Puthli

Notes from Robin Puthli’s talk about Device Fragmentation among Android devices on the 1st day of DroidCon UK 2012.

Device fragmentation starts to become a big part of Android development as there are more and more Android devices available. As a result there are a lot of different resolutions and screen sizes that need to be taken into account. has a very interesting report on their blog that illustrates this fragmentation.

Luckily (device) fragmentation is a very old problem. It had to be solved on operation systems (Window, Mac, Linux, etc), browsers (Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, etc), Java (ME, SE, FX, etc) and more before.

There are roughly nine strategies you can pick from to deal with device fragmentation.
Multi-manual: Phone vs tablet, writing separate code for each.
Derive multi: QT or J2ME Polish, Mono Touch, writing pseudo code and then letting the framework generate the rest.
One (size) fits all: HTML5, PhoneGap. This approach is based on coding for the lowest common denominator.
Single adapt
: Writing adaptive layouts, using 9-patches, fragments.

“There is no silver bullet. You have to pick and mix [from the available solutions].”

The full presentation can be found at Itude Mobile’s blog.

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