DroidCon UK – day 2

Another quick summary of the talks of the day.

9.45 The Fragment transition
Who: Corey Leigh Latislaw
What: Introduction on using Fragments.
Summary: Start using Fragments now. There is no need to convert a whole app at once, but you can start using Fragments with the new Activities you are building.

10.30 Writing games for an Android console.
Who: All Sutton – Ouya
What: Some considerations to keep in mind when developing for a console.
Web: www.funkyandroid.com
Summary: Developing for a console is wildly different from mobile.

11.30 Android reverse engineering
Who: David Tellebaum – apkudo
What: Reverse engineering Android applications.
Web: www.apkudo.com
Summary: Hacking Zynga’s “Words With Friends” using (bak)smali and ViewServer.

12.15 Interfacing hardware with Android and Arduino
Who: Fei Manheche – Robobo
What: Connecting Android apps to Arduino hardware.
Web: www.robobo.org
Summary: A brief introduction on how to make Android and Arduino talk to each other.

14.00 Memory Analyzer
Who: Felipe Ferraz – CESAR
What: Memory analyzing to resolve bugs and optimize performance.
Summary: Using a timeline of memory dumps and the MAT Eclipse plugin to resolve bugs and optimize performance.

14.45 Deep dive into Android custom components
Who: Chui-Ki Chan – Monkey Write
What: Creating your own custom components.
Web: www.sqisland.com
Summary: Easily create your own custom components by either encapsulating or extending existing widgets. Slides: www.bit.ly/DeepDiveComp

15.45 Optimized network communication
Who: Erik Hellman – Sony Mobile
What: How to optimize your networking logic to provide user-friendly and power-efficient experiences.
Summary: A set of tips and best practices to avoid annoying the user and not drain the battery with networking activities.

16.30 Dynamic Animations
Who: Anders Ericsson – jayway.com
What: Dynamic animations.
Web: www.jayway.com
Summary: By extending a View, adding a custom class to calculate position (using spring and damper physics) and using a Runnable you can quickly add animations to any View.

17.15 AndroVM
Who: Daniel Fages – Genymobile
What: An Android VM that runs on VirtualBox.
Web: www.androvm.com
Summary: An explanation about how AndroVM is built followed by a demo.

18.00 Developing accessible applications
Who: Gary Readfern-Gray – RNIB
What: Developing accessible applications for Android.
Web: www.rnib.org.uk
Summary: It takes very little effort to add basic accessibility optimizations by using content descriptions for widgets and making the app navigable by keyboard (or at least D-pad).

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