Eclipse + FDT colors

I’m trying to figure out a nice way to apply a color theme to Eclipse. So far no luck, but I have found the places where to edit color settings.

First got to Window > Preferences, then change the color settings in the following locations:

  1. General > Editors > Text Editors
  2. General >Appearance > Color and Fonts
  3. FDT > Editor > Colors
  4. FDT > Editor > Semantic Highlight

Some ideas to explore: (Modify the *.epf file to include FDT settings? Create a nice color scheme and export settings using File > Export > General > Preferences) (Skin plug-in, see how to get this to work with FDT)

Update: Exported preferences, now trying to figure out how to strip all non color scheme related information.

Update 2: Found a doable way to create a color scheme for FDT, read the howto.