Howto create a color-scheme for FDT

I’ve been wanting to be able to use a different color-scheme (or theme) for FDT for a while. After some investigation I found out how to do this.

FDT dark color scheme

I’ve created the color scheme above and stored in an epf file, you can download it here: (right click and save as…)

Creating the scheme

  1. Modify your preference for text appearance (see ‘Eclipse + FDT colors‘)
  2. Hit File > Export > General > Preferences and save in a convenient location
  3. Open the saved file in your favourite text editor and remove everything that’s not color related. There are a couple of exceptions to this though, see ‘Eclipse + FDT colors update‘. Others you’ll probably find out in a trial and error proces.
  4. Add ‘file_export_version=3.0’ to the top of your file, so Eclipse knows what version the preferences were exported for. (You can also not delete this line in step 3.) If you omit adding ‘file_export_version=’ the importing of the preferences will fail.
  5. Save the file and you’re done!

Importing a scheme

  1. Hit File > Import > General > Preferences
  2. Click ‘Next’.
  3. Select the scheme to import and click ‘Finish’
  4. All done!

3 thoughts on “Howto create a color-scheme for FDT

  1. hello again.

    predictably I have a follow up question 🙂

    when you highlight an argument and the code highlighter selects all uses of that argument in the function? well currently that colour is a kind of ichy peach colour. would you be able to point me to the place where I change this colour? I cannot find it in any of the existing colour settings in eclipse.

    thanks in advance.

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