Custom Notifications

Today I ran into an interesting problem with custom Notifications. The following error kept on being thrown while I was testing with a Samsung Galaxy Ace phone:

“android.widget.RemoteViews$ActionException: can’t find view: …”

My custom Notification contains an ImageView and some TextViews. The image for the ImageView was being loaded from a remote server. When the image was retrieved I tried updating the Notification by modifying a clone of the original Notification I sent, calling:

  1. RemoteView.setImageViewBitmap(myViewId, bitmap)

 After this the app would crash. The LogCat output would then show the error above.

Having a close look at the other Notifications displayed by the phone, it turned out that ImageViews were automatically removed.

To solve the issue you have to make sure to always create a new Notification, that way your custom XML gets inflated and the ImageView is (again) accessible.

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