Flex IRC Client

Just came across this when browsing around a bit. This Flex IRC client is a port of the Java-based PircBot.

Flex IRC Client aims to be a Flex / Flash based IRC Client. Currently most browser-based chat solutions are either proprietary or applets. Flex IRC Client wants to bring the power of IRC to the majority of the Internet-users without requiring a download or an install.

I know this client is still under development, but it could really do with a window showing some progress when connecting to a server. Also, a proxy of sorts would be nice since I get a lot of Security Errors when trying to connect to a server: “SecurityErrorEvent type=”securityError” bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text=”Error #2048: Security sandbox violation: http://ansuz.nl/toys/irc/FlexIRCClient.swf cannot load data from irc.efnet.nl:6667.””, probably due to no cross-domain policies being set on the IRC servers. Connecting works when running this locally 😉


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  1. Hi,

    Thank you for this. I want to continue with developing of this, but the problem is that i can’t open .swc file in Adobe Flash CS6. How can i open your .swc file? Thanks!

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