More messing around with Unity3D

Last week I spent some more time experimenting with Unity3D. My friend Erik is a 3D artist and give me this German tank to use for my experimenting. I couldn’t resist and build a completely politically incorrect scene with this, so – as I live in London – I decided to recreate the Big Ben, Parliament and Westminster Abbey.


[Click the image to play]
Move: w,a,s,d
Toggle camera: c

Drive around, enjoy the view and then destroy it! 😀

I must say Unity3D is absolutely amazing! This whole thing took me about 16 hours to build and most of that time was spent in getting to know the GUI. This demo includes some physics, particles and a whooping total of two scripts. It only took two very small scripts to get that whole thing to work, how awesome is that?!

Tank demo:
Move script:
Toggle Cam Script:
Erik’s portfolio:

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