Sending SMS

Being able to send an SMS to a device can come in really handy from time to time. Below are two methods for sending text to a device using SMS. The first is to send to a hardware device, the second to send to a virtual device on an emulator.

Hardware device

  1. > adb shell
  2. $ am start -a android.intent.action.SENDTO -d sms:01123123123 --es sms_body "Text to send" --ez exit_on_sent true
  3. $ input keyevent 22
  4. $ input keyevent 66

For more info, see “How do I send an SMS from a shell?” on Stackoverflow.


  1. Open the DDMS perspective in Eclipse.
  2. Under “Telephony Actions” select “SMS”.
  3. Fill out “Incoming number” and “Message”.
  4. Hit “Send”

For more info, see “Using DDMS” on the Android developers site.

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