“java -fullversion” triggers ProgressEvent.STANDARD_ERROR_DATA in AIR

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I’m building an AIR app and am using Java to offload some heavy duty work to keep Flash responsive. I want to make sure the end user has a version of Java installed the is compatible with the Jar I ship with my AIR app. To do so I use the following (pseudo) code below:

  1. var args:Vector.<String> = new Vector.<String>();
  2. args.push("-fullversion");
  4. var info:NativeProcessStartupInfo = new NativeProcessStartupInfo();
  5. info.executable = javaLocation;
  6. info.arguments = args;
  8. javaProcess = new NativeProcess();
  9. javaProcess.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.STANDARD_OUTPUT_DATA, versionOutputHandler);
  10. // Fun fact: -fullversion output is considered error data! :s
  11. javaProcess.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.STANDARD_ERROR_DATA, versionOutputHandler);
  12. javaProcess.addEventListener(NativeProcessExitEvent.EXIT, versionExitHandler);
  13. javaProcess.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.STANDARD_OUTPUT_IO_ERROR, versionErrorHandler);
  14. javaProcess.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.STANDARD_ERROR_IO_ERROR, versionErrorHandler);
  15. javaProcess.start(info);

To my surprise the result of the call to “java -fullversion” is send to the standard error stream and thus triggering the ProgressEvent.STANDARD_ERROR_DATA to be fired.

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