Flash on the Beach 09 – Links

Below is a list (and some brief explanation) of links with interesting stuff found at Flash on the Beach this year.

Joa Ebert (from hobnox) talked about one of the geekiest subject known to man : Compiler optimization. Good to know some people care about those  things. This is how you can get cooler stuff on the screen. It have the potential to made our work run 10 times faster.

Some good optimization techniques from Grant skinner too: http://gskinner.com/talks/quick/

Contrast’s presentation about breaking design convention:
Some good arguments here. Especially about the end of portal pages and brand over sale (yes we don’t need a massive logo on every single page).

Live feed visualization by Trevor Boyle during the elevator pitch:

What can be done with sound from various presenters:
Ruben’s tube + propane: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpovwbPGEoo

We saw some really cool live drawing session from James Jarvis:
James Patterson: www.presstube.com

And Art made with flash:

As well, Joel Baumann from Tomato introduced us to some early century artists who being playing with generative art way before flash came about. And shown us us some of his work, some of it still remain really cool like the TV-Asahi indent – sound generated logo !

Stacey Mulcahy, talked about how devs and creatives can work together
better: www.bitchwhocodes.com
Some good technologies that can facilitate that:
– SVN: http://versionsapp.com/
– Version Cue: http://www.adobe.com/products/creativesuite/versioncue/
– Catalyst: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashcatalyst/ (Though I don’t believe in it too much…)

Learn OOP in Flash: www.lostactionscriptweekend.com
And Automate publishing of .fla files: www.deleteaso.com
Koen de Weggheleire: www.newmovieclip.com

Union multiuser Flash platform: www.tryunion.com
– documentation + tutorials: www.unionplatform.com
– cool example: http://clockmaker.jp/blog-en/2009/08/union/
Multi user experience cheap and easy

MegaPhone, using mobile phones as controllers for billboards:

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