Google I/O 2021 Keynote

Google I/O 2021 Keynote


Smart Canvas part, of Google Workspace.Google Workspace will be available to everyone soon.
LaMDA: (Natural) Language model for dialogue applications. Still in R&D.
TPU v4 announced, organised in “Pods” of 4096 TPUs. Available later this year for Cloud customers.
Quantum computing: create an error-corrected qubit in the coming year(s).Quantum AI campus for qubit computing research.


Aiming to create a password free future.
Password Manager upgrades:

  1. Easy import tool
  2. Deeper intergration w/ Chrome + Android
  3. Automatic password alerts (for compromised accounts)
  4. Quick fix (for compromised accounts)

All products:

  • Secure by default
  • Private by design
  • You’re in control (of your data)

Helpful information

MUM: Multitask Unified Model. Understands 75+ languages and multiple models (think text, speech, images and video) all simultaneously.
Google Lens, AR, MUM all make information more helpful.
Rolling out “About this result” later this month.
Maps improvements:

  • Live View expansion
  • Detailed street maps
  • A more tailored map
  • Area busyness

Shopping graph: connecting websites, prices, reviews, videos and (brand) SKU & Inventory data.
New photos features:

  • Little patterns
  • Cinematic Photos (improvements)
  • More control

Design + Android

Material You: Personally styled apps. (First on Pixel this fall)
Android 12: “The most personal OS ever”

  • Deeply personal
    • All designs has been overhauled
    • A lot of performance upgrades
  • Private and Secure
    • New privacy dashboard
    • Private Compute Core
  • (Work) Better together
    • Better phone + Chromebook integration
    • TV remote features on phone (for devices running Android TV)
    • Digital car key (launching this fall)
  • Beta 1 is available today!


  • Fitbit is now part of Google.
  • The next big thing in mobile computing.
  • Largest update ever:
    • A unified platform (with Samsung)
    • New user experience
    • World-class health and fitness


Use AI to analyse health issues faster.

  • Mammography
  • Tuberculosis diagnosis
  • Skin conditions

Project Starline: next generation (3D) video conferencing


Operate carbon free 24/7 by 2030.
Carbon intelligent computing platform

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