Alchemy on Windows7

Installing Adobe Alchemy on Windows7 wasn’t as straightforward as the Adobe Labs site made me believe.

The following error would keep on showing when I tried to run the example:

$ gcc stringecho.c -O3 -Wall -swc -o stringecho.swc
llvm-gcc.exe: error while loading shared libraries: ? …

I finally got it to work by using the steps below:

  1. Install the Alchemy Repack, from in a temporary directory (I just want to copy some of the files).
  2. Download and install Alchemy from the Adobe website, as per their instructions.
  3. Copy the “achacks”, “avm2-libc”, “bin” and “flashlibs” folders from your “Alchemy Repack” installation folder.
  4. Uninstall / Delete Alchemy Repack
  5. Good to go! 🙂
  6. (Optional:) Set the “CYGWIN=nodosfilewarning” environment variable option to avoid Cygwin warnings about MS-Dos style paths. (Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for me, even though “echo ${CYGWIN}” prints “nodosfilewarning”.)

Note: If you already have Cygwin installed, you can install additional packages by running setup.exe again.

2 thoughts on “Alchemy on Windows7

  1. Yo there!

    I’m also fighting with Alchemy installation!
    My goal is to be able to recompile and execute Quake port from Michael Rennie:

    Unfortunately, using today’s version of Flex, Cygwin etc make me think that Alchemy is unusable on both Windows and OSX…
    I was only able to compile this quake project under GNU/Linux (Ubuntu) but for some reasons while linking the swc -> swf (under Windows using Flash Develop)
    my generated quake.swf doesn’t match Michael’s .swf and mine is juste crashing while testing with chrome…

    Any advice, ideas? Are you able to successfully compile and execute Quake port?



    • Hey Ozzy,

      I haven’t tried to get QuakeFlash running. Did you follow the steps in my post to install Alchemy on Windows? What version of Windows are you using? Are you using a Flash debugger with Chrome? If so, what are the Flash errors that you are getting?


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